oldfryingpan (oldfryingpan) wrote in paul_mckenna,

He WILL make me thin will he?


Brief introduction: in my thirties, still trying to figure myself out blah blah blah, and PMK's techniques are the latest thing I'm looking into to help me.

Hopefully a lot more people will join this community in the wake of the Sky programmes :)

I'd certainly like to discuss the PMK weight loss plan, which I'm finding very good but also difficult in some ways.

The main difference it's made for me so far is I am now chewing my food properly! I am not having much success with the visualisations though, mostly because I am so negative I find it hard to use memories in a positive way. And also, while on the whole I am like a lot of people who have tried this system more relaxed around food now, I have anew anxiety which is to do with the hunger scale - I panic when I feel myself getting too hungry and can't eat just yet. I can't figure out whether in a case like that it's better to eat something unhealthy from a vending machine than let yourself get hungrier, although obviously the best thing to do is always have healthy snacks with you.
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