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paul_mckenna's Journal

Paul McKenna Community
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Paul McKenna is the world’s most successful hypnotist. He is a bestselling author who has appeared and demonstrated his talents on television in more than forty-two countries to more than 500 million people. He has dazzled American audiences with a prime-time special on ABC and appearances on Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Primetime Live, and many other shows. Recently, The London Times named him as one of the world’s leading modern gurus. He has worked with Olympic gold medalists and world champion sports people, top business achievers, rock stars, Hollywood movie stars, and even royalty.

This community is for anyone interested in Paul McKenna’s techniques. Perhaps you want to improve your life? Lose weight, become powerfully confident, more motivated, happier, a more skilled communicator, understand how your mind works, or just change a habit? Novice hypnotists are welcome, as are ‘normal’ people wishing to learn more about hypnotism and general self-improvement.

This is a young group, and still growing! Come join!

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